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Why do you love fiber arts?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

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The thing I love most about creating with yarn or fiber is the endless possibilities of choices that go into a project. It's like going to a restaurant and choosing off the a la carte menu or building a pizza from scratch.

For me, it starts with the base - what the end product will be. Is it a cozy blanket for the end of my bed or a throw for the couch? Perhaps an item to add to my wardrobe like a sweater or cardigan. Maybe a winter accessory like a hat, scarf or warm pair of mittens. Sometimes just scrolling through photos on social media or Pinterest sparks an idea.

Then I decide on the fiber. Do I choose a natural product from an animal like wool, alpaca or angora? What about plant derived fibers like a silky bamboo or cotton? Maybe the project requires durability and washing and I choose a soft acrylic or synthetic yarn. Do I want a finely spun sock yarn or something extra thick and chunky? More often than not, it's just walking through my local yarn shop and seeing "the one." You know... that skein of gorgeous hand-dyed yarn you can't leave without. Sometimes I don't choose the project; the yarn chooses me first.

After that I think of stitches, textures, craft method and color. What design elements do I want to add? A big chunky cable or a textured moss stitch. Should it be crocheted or knit? Is it solid, ombre or does it have multiple colors? Maybe I use a fair isle or colorwork method that involves more skill and technique.

Lastly comes the most important part - the execution. This is the place where all the ideas fall in place ( and possibly get changed, removed or added to)! The process of knitting or crocheting is what I love the most. Feeling the yarn run through my fingers. Hearing the click of the needles. Watching the stitches build onto each other. But most importantly is witnessing a simple ball of yarn transform into something completely different.

What do you love most about fiber arts?

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